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Welcome to Outreach Services

Outreach Services is dedicated to providing confidential drug and alcohol assessments and substance abuse referral services, intervention and hope for those in need of recovery. As treatment consultants, we dedicate our time to education and providing resources to the professionals working in the field of substance abuse.

At Drug and Alcohol Rehab Choices, our treatment consultants help find effective affordable addiction treatment, detox, dual-diagnosis centers or other behavioral treatment options nationwide for individuals or family members seeking drug and or alcohol rehabilitation treatment. As leaders in substance abuse referral services, we can help you find appropriate treatment programs in your area, understand insurance coverage for treatment, find the most appopriate rehab and detox financing options that are available or just walk you through the steps to locate the best treatment center for your needs. Let our drug and alcohol treatment consultants explain your options and help you today and please note that our substance abuse referral services are FREE to the public and confidential.

Our services are FREE to the public and confidential.

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We have quality options for you or your loved one's addiction. We work closely with treatment centers nationwide to provide you with appropriate choices for appropriate treatment so you can live a life free from addiction...

  • Outreach Services has the tools to assist you with financing to find a treatment center that fits your financial needs.
  • We can help find discounts that are exclusively available from our network of treatment centers Nationwide.
  • We can help you with your insurance options for substance abuse and provide other options that might restrict you from getting the help you need.

    We will do the leg work and help reduce the stress that comes with finding a quality treatment center. Call Outreach Services Today. Let Us Help!

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Our Services

Substance Abuse
There are locations throughout the united states that have options for specific drugs and detoxification needs that Outreach Services can explain in detail to each caller. If detox warrants a hospital stay then Outreach can refer to the most appropriate centers available. If detox is safe or inpatient treatment is the desired level of care, we have many resources that offer quality treatment options without hospital stays. The clients’ needs are met on an individual basis and our in-depth screening helps to identify each case. 

Co-Occurring Disorders
Our network includes treatment centers that focus on dual-diagnosis. Most take insurance and are able to work with almost any case that we have come across. We also have resources for gender specific programs that address these issues in a comfortable, safe and confidential environment.

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders can be very complicated. Our staff is trained to understand the severity of each case. We provide direction for families that have loved ones afflicted with this disorder and are trained to understand whether hospitalization is required or a free standing eating disorder program would be appropriate.

Mental Health
Our network includes programs that provide services in treatment centers and hospitals that focus on serious mental health issues regardless of drug dependence. We have learned that when the individual is compromised with a mental illness that it is imperative to recognize the illness and manage the affliction appropriately. With proper treatment, most mental illnesses can be managed so the individual can live a productive life. These cases are fragile and extremely important to handle appropriately. No one should be left behind. There are reputable organizations that can help and Outreach is proud to be of service to those in need. 

Placing adolescents or teens into treatment can be one of the most difficult tasks for a placement agency. Outreach Services take great care in finding appropriate treatment for our young ones. The families are also so affected and need to know that they are sending their child to a safe place. Outreach researches in great detail the facilities we refer to. We will educate the family to the best of our ability and prepare them for the experience. Many adolescent treatment centers offer education components and that too is very important to maintain the clients self esteem and progress when he or she is to return home. We are confident that the resources we have are accredited and appropriate for the individual. In addition to providing resources for the addict, we refer families to programs to help themselves.

Conferences & Events
Outreach Services attends conferences to keep up to date with current services available to the public and encourages others to provide education at multiple national conferences. An additional opportunity to share our booth allows treatment centers to market their services affordably to keep their dollars where they belong; providing treatment services. Ask us about advertising for you or about how we can provide free website advertisements for special events you may want to share with the community. 

Resources are also available for Native American programs, Pain Management, Older Adult programs, Interventionists, Veterans, Tricare insurance holders, Medicare insurance recipients, and many other medical insured and non-insured.

About Outreach Services

Founded in 2004 with compassion and love for people, serving those in need has been a rewarding experience for all of us at Outreach Services and DARS. Understanding chemical dependency and other disorders and seeing that recovery works drives and inspires us to reach out across the world. Developing Outreach Services as a resource for networking, placement, education to reduce the stigma associated with addiction or mental health disorders is our passion because we believe that recovery is for everyone. 

Outreach Services and DARS affords all of us the ability to help so many more people. Networking is a means to support all those in need, and working together we can reach out across barriers and help thousands that could be left behind. 

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Our Mission

Outreach Services maintains a standard of excellence placing those suffering from Chemical Dependency, Dual Diagnosis, and other addictions into the appropriate treatment facility. We at Outreach Services have ongoing relationships with qualified treatment providers throughout the United States and Canada. Our goal is to be of service by informing callers of their available options based on the individuals' needs.

Outreach Services online assistance is provided free of charge as a public benefit and all information received from those contacting us is confidential. Response time is usually 24 hours or less, and usually is performed by a telephone interview or a confidential online assessment. Outreach Services is designed to help addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims, and their families find effective treatment and intervention for alcoholism and addictions of the highest quality. Information is gathered to help the placement specialist better determine an individual's needs and successfully match them with the best possible level of care available to them.

Outreach Services understands the complexity of successful treatment from addiction. Our staff reviews each individual case and provides information in order to place the person in need into the appropriate level of care. Services recommended may include Drug Rehab Centers, Medical Detox facilities, Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Extended Care programs, Long-term and Short-term Rehab programs, Outpatient Rehab Centers, and Sober Living environments.

Outreach Services' drug and alcohol treatment consultants strive to provide free substance abuse referral services to the public, reduce the stigma associated with addiction and support independent programs that maintain a standard of excellence throughout all outreach services provided.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline CALL 1-800-273-TALK (8255)