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Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

General health insurance and mental health insurance coverage often has a provision that includes coverage for drug and alcohol rehab, detox programs. For an insured patient, insurance may cover much or all of the cost of treatment.

However, even after reading through a policy, you may not feel certain about if alcohol and drug rehab is covered by insurance . Maximizing insurance coverage for addiction treatment can be complicated, and it is helpful to have an experienced professional and addiction rehab consultant to assist. Laws vary from state to state as to what insurance companies are required to cover, and insurance policies are often not specific as to what is included or excluded.

Our drug and alcohol treatment consultants have years of experience in working with insurers and facilities to ensure that rehabilitation and detox programs are paid for by insurance plans to the fullest extent possible. And if insurance doesn’t cover the complete cost of addictiontreatment, we can advise on payment plans or financing for the remainder of the cost.

Contact us to learn more about addiction treatment health insurance or finding a drug rehab covered by insurance for you or your loved one. Please note that our addiction referral services are free of charge.

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