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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Financing

When choosing a facility for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, cost may be a factor, but treatment costs should never be considered prohibitive for those seeking help. Quality treatment is not out of reach, as many options exist for alcohol and drug rehab financing as well as finding insurance for addiction treatment. Call one of our treatment specialists today to help you with your alcohol and drug rehab financing questions or to help you find a drug rehab covered by insurance. Our services are of no cost to you.

If you are unsure where to get financing for rehab for yourself or your loved one, we can help to find a drug or alcohol treatment program as well as appropriate financing - whether you need a facility with an in-house financing program and flexible payments, an external lender with a revolving credit plan, sliding scale payments or other options.

It is important to remember that many facilities also accept private insurance.

Contact us to learn more about rehab facilities that offer payment plans and other flexible financing options.

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